What is a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership?

Buy Here, Pay Here

If your credit is in bad shape or you don’t have any credit history yet, buying a car can seem impossible. Unlike traditional car dealerships, which use third-party lenders to help finance car purchases, buy here, pay here (BHPH) dealerships sell, and finance used cars straight off their lots. They make it possible for anyone, regardless of financial history, to drive off the lot with a new used vehicle!


  • Buy here, pay here dealers sell and finance vehicles to customers with bad and no credit histories. Offering 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! 
  • They are understanding of personal financial struggles and cater to all types of needs when it comes to credit. 
  • They may offer the potential to buy a car with little or no money down! Instant Auto Finance offers a deposit/layaway program, giving you time to prepare for your complete down payment.
  • Most things that help build or fix your credit require you to already have a fair credit rating. A reputable BHPH auto loan can help you build your credit no matter what your score is today. 
  • It’s simple! Apply online at instantautofinance.net, regardless of credit history everyone qualifies for a loan. Buy a car and get financing at the same time. Make payments to the dealership where it was purchased. 


  • Working with bad credit borrowers is risky for the dealers. To help ensure buyers can afford their car payments, BHPH dealers typically require a larger down payment than a traditional dealership might expect.
  • Every loan is dependent on credit. Higher credit scores mean lower interest rates. Because BHPH dealers work exclusively with people with bad or no credit, they tend to charge high rates. 
  • At a traditional dealership, you choose a vehicle and then talk about financing with the car salesperson. You might have fewer options at a BHPH dealership because they determine your eligibility before showing you which cars you qualify for. 

How it Works

Unlike traditional dealers, which use outside financing companies, BHPH dealers have the ability to finance 100% of applicants. At Instant Auto Finance you can get approval in 10 minutes or less at instantautofinance.net/get-approved and browse the inventory of around 350 vehicles in stock every day at instantautofinance.net/find-a-vehicle. Head to an Instant Auto dealership located in Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka, and Indianapolis to get your new ride! Your auto loan and payments will be reported to Equifax and Transunion so you can start building a good credit score for your future financial and life decisions.