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Financing Options Available to You!

Our finance company, SCS Credit Corp, is offering Instant Auto Finance customers a couple of options to help you potentially reduce the amount of your payment.

  • The longest loan term that has traditionally been allowed by SCS Credit Corp has been 36 months but now they are offering longer terms if you purchase a newer vehicle with fewer miles.  If the vehicle you are buying is a model year 2008 or newer and the vehicle has 115,000 miles or less you can increase the term of your loan to 42 months.  If the car or truck is a model year 2011 or newer and has less than 100,000 miles on the odometer then the term of the loan may be increased to 48 months.
  • SCS Credit Corp now offers a path to reduce the interest rate you pay.  By making a larger down payment  you can reduce the interest you pay by up to 6%.