What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Consumers buying used are looking for a good deal.

Here’s how to make sure you get the right deal with as little frustration as possible.

First of all:

  • Buying a used car can often be one of the smartest buying decisions.
  • Line up financing and payment options before you shop for your car.
  • Remember to test drive the car before you take it home.
  • Having the car checked by a certified mechanic is a step that should never be skipped.
  • If you don’t like the deal, there is nothing wrong with walking away.

Things to look for:

  • The Selection: 
    • Do they carry the make and model of the vehicle you’re searching for? You should allow yourself several viable options right off the bat.
    • How do the vehicles look? How does the lot look? You want to make sure you’re purchasing a vehicle that hasn’t been sitting for years or has been neglected.
  • The Vehicle
    • You should consider several things when examining a potential purchase. Mileage, Odometer, Year, Body, & Tires are a great place to start. It would be smart to look up the car’s VIN and Carfax to ensure that the make and model are in good condition for the age and price!
    • If you aren’t versed in how a vehicle should look and sound, bring a knowledgeable friend or drive it to your mechanic. 
    • Is the price accurate according to your research? Make sure you ask questions and protect yourself to ensure the best deal with the least amount of risks.
  • The Dealership
    • Do they offer financing? Make sure interest rates are in line with your personal spending goals!
    • How are the other vehicles in their lot? If everything is in great condition and clean, you’re probably in the right place!
    • How is their warranty compared to other lots? If they remain competitive in their offerings, it’s a good sign!
    • Are the salespeople friendly and helpful? Don’t make a purchase from someone who seems like they are smarter or better off than you.
    • If a dealership leaves you feeling more confused than when you arrived, don’t make a purchase from them!

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